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Post Project assistance

Assistance after project closure is an original service, very effective to help you in the first months of activity after the final certification


Post Project assistance


The Post Project Assistance is an original service, very effective to help you in the first months of activity after the final certification, when the standard Engineering contracts have already ended but you still need external support to achieve 100% of your goals.


What is
the objective?

The work of an Engineering usually ends once the end of the work is signed with its corresponding final Certification, the Reception of works and facilities and the documents are submitted for the Legalization.

However, our assistance is often required to solve technical problems at a critical stage such as the start-up and adjustment of the activity, beyond the “classic” Engineering Contract.

The aim of this service is to offer effective technical support in the usual problems of the start-up period, anticipating and improving the usual speed of response to incidents, and making standard a help that is often not easy to identify and can be a cause of tension.

This service usually lasts between 3 and 6 months.

Are you familiar with these problems?

  • Could not count with the assistance of the Engineering in the start up of the activity, or it meant unexpected delays and over costs.
  • Had to get involved personally (or one of the most valuable staff members), in the technical details of the start-up, much more than he would have liked.
  • Had the sensation of lack of foresight in the management and planning after the post Project, in the start-up of the activity.

What value do we provide to solve them?

We provide experience and methodology to manage and plan the start-up phase of the activity, which includes the start-up, production adjustment and services/facilities, as well as several and sometimes cumbersome administrative procedures.

We help establish protocols and an orderly plan for testing equipment and facilities.

What do we do in this area?


  • Implementation, adjustments and corrections of works and facilities: monitoring contract compliance after the Final Certification and official reception, i.e. during the warranty period, which includes, for example, the requirement and management of actions to repair works and facilities, adjustments, which may involve expert reports and execution of guarantees.
  • Start-up, adjustments and corrections of equipment and process lines: protocolization and planning of start-up tests, contingency plan, management of repair actions, etc.
  • Hiring of services: assistance for the bidding and contracting of electricity, gas, water, security, etc., and the management and settings in start-up.
  • Administrative procedures outside the Project: we talk about assistance for Authorization of discharges and waste management, additional sanitary records, sanitary protocols, assistance for preparation for the certification of non-mandatory quality seals (IFS, BRC Food, ISO 14000), etc.
  • Maintenance Plan: assistance for the design and implementation of a Maintenance Plan, including CMMS assisted management tools.
  • Security Plans: assistance in the design and implementation of a Safety Plan , including proposal of management tools.
  • Other assistances…


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